There is nothing more special than holding the book you have worked so hard on, in your hands, for the very first time. 

Picture that book, however, meaning just as much to many more people – like your school community and picture still, that book having the potential to fundraise for your school on top of everything else?

At Emu Ink we produce beautiful, full-colour A4 books to mark milestone anniversaries. These books are packed with articles celebrating the school’s history, achievements, memorable trips, exhibitions, fundraisers, shows, volunteerism, happy times, tributes and photos from over the years – to name a few! 

They also showcase the modern school, current classes and recent achievements, acting as a window for the local community to enjoy the successes of their young neighbours, the school’s staff and their locality in general.

If you are interested in producing a book to celebrate your milestone year talk to us about the process which, in short, will see  Emu Ink will work with a main contact from the school and a sub-committee. Through our work together we will brainstorm the content for the book, assign articles and information gathering to a number of volunteers, set deadlines and produce the best book imaginable.

You will then sell this book to your school community (many of which will have had involvement in it and/or feature in it!) and prices can be set to ensure profit is made for the school when copies are sold.

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