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Elevate Your Club’s Identity with Match Stacks

At Emu Ink Publishing, we understand the importance of fostering a sense of community and pride within local sports clubs. That’s why we’ve created a unique and exciting product – Match Stacks – Personalised Player Cards designed exclusively for your club. These collectible cards celebrate the talent and spirit of your players, creating a tangible connection between the team and its supporters. Make each player feel like a superstar with their own personalised Match Stacks card!

What Are Match Stacks?

Match Stacks are meticulously crafted collectible cards that pay tribute to the exceptional talent found in sports clubs. Each player has their own personalised card featuring their name, number, age group and image.

Why Match Stacks?

Customised for Your Club: Each card is crafted to showcase your club’s colours, logo, and overall aesthetic. We work closely with club organisers to ensure that the essence of your team is perfectly captured.

Highlight Your Players: Our cards feature individual player images, complete with their name, number and age group. It’s a fantastic way for players to connect with their team.

Collectible and Shareable: Players will feel like their favourite sporting heroes with their own personalised club card and will love collecting all age groups and having their team cards with all their friends on them! 

Boost Fundraising Efforts: Use Match Stacks as a creative fundraising tool for your club. Sell the cards at matches, events, or through your website to generate additional revenue.

How It Works

Consultation: Our team will work with your club organisers to confirm colours and player details, and advise on image supply.

Design Approval: We’ll create a mock-up for your approval, ensuring that every detail aligns with your club’s branding.

Printing and Delivery: Once approved, we’ll proceed with printing and deliver the cards to your club.

About Match Stacks

Match Stacks by Emu Ink Publishing celebrate the talent and skill of sports club level players through exclusive collectible cards. Our mission at Emu Ink Publishing is to spotlight the unsung heroes of the local sports scene, giving them the recognition they deserve.

Elevate your club’s identity and create lasting mementos for your players and supporters with Match Stacks. Contact us now to discuss how we can bring this exciting initiative to life for your local sports club.

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