Welcome to Floodlight Focus!

We’re delighted to introduce a collaboration that brings you closer to the heart and soul of sports. The passion, the camaraderie, the victories – sport is more than a game, it’s a way of life. But behind every team’s success are the people who work tirelessly, often in the shadows. Today, we’re turning the spotlight on them!

We’ve teamed up with the amazing Humans of Gaelic Games to bring you Floodlight Focus, a series that shares the incredible stories of those who make sports clubs thrive.

From the dedicated coaches to the tireless volunteers, every club has its champions. Floodlight Focus is about sharing these untold stories, honouring the backbone of clubs – the real MVPs!

We hope you enjoy Floodlight Focus! Let’s celebrate the heartbeat of our clubs and keep the spirit of sport alive. Together, we’ll continue to make history and honour the sports club community members who make it all possible.

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