Last week we attended the East Down Principals’ Conference in Derry, the event brought together school leaders, principals, and businesses all focused on making education better in East Down.

At the conference, there were lots of stalls where different companies showed what they had to offer and Emu Ink Publishing was happy to be one of them, and to talk to principals from Co. Down about our work.

We had some great conversations about our new project, Local Voices. This project is all about celebrating the different stories and cultures in our communities. The principals were excited about how it could help students feel more connected and creative.

Seeing all these school leaders together showed how much they care about keeping up with new ideas in education, they were eager to learn about new ways to help their students progress and succeed.

Throughout the day, people had meaningful discussions about how to make teaching better and help students learn more. The conference was a great chance for everyone to share ideas and make things better in our schools and communities.

Looking back on the day, we’re grateful to have been part of it. Emu Ink Publishing is excited to keep working with schools in Co. Down to make education even better for everyone.

By Ciara Gannon
Senior Marketing Executive
Emu Ink Publishing