It’s a hugely exciting time here at Emu Ink as our brand grows – because when our brand is growing it means our purpose is growing too!

Many of you will know us through our work with the schools, turning pupils into published authors since 2016, and over that time we have done just that for thousands of children.

In that time we have also published in secondary schools, introduced our A4 books for those celebrating milestone anniversaries, launched our hugely successful The Covid Book Project, partnered with big names like Starbucks and Leisureplex, raised thousands of euro for Depaul through our Homeless Stories book, signed our first school in Northern Ireland – and at the end of last year, after much planning, we launched our first ever sports book!

This year we have been super busy in both schools and sports clubs. With two new former principals joining our team as Education Specialists as well as a brand new Multimedia Designer, we are accelerating our growth from Primary and Secondary to English language Schools.

Sport, for us, has been a natural progression. With so many local clubs having forged strong links with the schools in their areas, it made sense for us to reach out further into the community and offer more groups a chance, not just to write and be published – but in doing so, to capture the histories of their clubs, celebrate their achievements and fundraise!

In sport, we are thrilled to now be working with even more GAA clubs as well as one of Ireland’s biggest hockey clubs – with many more sports groups in the pipeline.

With all of this in mind we have also made some improvements to our website ( to ensure it better reflects us as a publisher. So whether it is education or sport you will find what you’re looking for a lot more easily – and if you would like more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You will also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @emupublishing

To all those who have been published by Emu Ink to date we thank you. We absolutely love what we do and it is our privilege to help our customers to realise their publishing dreams as well as their fundraising goals – and we will continue in our mission to offer that opportunity to everyone, everywhere.

We are Schools, We are Sport, We are Community.

We are Emu Ink Publishing!

By Emer Cleary
Founder & CEO
Emu Ink Publishing